You're the expert. Let us help prove it.
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You're The Expert

Turnkey Podcast 


Ever thought about starting a podcast?

We know you know all about the products and services you provide. We want to help you share your information with your world, in a unique format. You are the expert and we will help you reach your market with a tailor made podcast about the questions most asked by your market. You are the expert. Let us help prove it.

Our professionals know all about the podcasting space. They know how to interview, produce, direct and stage you, to help you get your message across to your market without selling. We do the work, you be the expert.

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Already have a podcast?

We live, breathe, sleep and love podcasting -- every day. It's what we do. And we want to help you make your show even better. Let's start with professional production. Your show should sound like you are in a studio, if it doesn't, you are missing out on one of the most essential elements that will take your show from good to GREAT. Great shows get more downloads. Great shows are easier to monetize. Great shows help prove you are the expert. Beyond production, we can help you with audience engagement, social activation, guest management, and guide you, step by step, how to put the right systems in place to help you reach your goals with your podcast. Get in touch today, let's get your show to the next level.




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Why Turnkey

We want to make your life easier for you. The last thing you have time for is trying to figure out how to create and produce one more piece of content...especially something as complicated as a podcast. You are the experts at what you do, and we are the experts at podcasting. We combine your expertise and ours to create a unique tailored podcast that you use as a marketing tool.

Our Strategy

We handle everything and turn over the finished product to you. This is truly turnkey, we even ship you a professional microphone if you don't have one so you can sound your best. Technically challenged? It's ok, we handle everything in an easy to understand, simple way. On the show, we play the host, you (and your team) play the experts. 


An incredible service, letting me do what I do best, educate my customers. I leave the selling to TurnKey. It couldn’t be easier.


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