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What People Are Saying...

“Every podcasting tool you introduced me to had representation at Podcast Movement.  It felt good to know that not only am I ahead of the curve, but I have processes to seamlessly integrate them into my podcast operations.  When I think of the progress I’ve made since working with you, it really is amazing!”


— Alicia Butler Pierre, Founder & CEO, Equilibria, Inc. 

To make life easier know that I wholeheartedly endorse Doug Sandler and his production team who are an invaluable production resource for our Business of Story podcast. I’ve referred several of my own clients to them because of the added value they offer and their remarkable professionalism.
— Park Howell, Host of The Business of Story Podcast


Karen Briscoe

Host of 5 Minute Success Podcast

How I got started

My book "Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day" was born 2 years ago on August 1st! To promote the book I was a guest on countless podcasts and observed a correlation in book sales. The epiphany one year ago on the books 1st birthday was if I host a podcast, then I could invite my own interesting guests. And the book has a format that make it a natural for a podcast. Thus 5 Minute Success - The Podcast was born on October 2, 2017.

What made me choose TurnKey

I was introduced to Doug from two different friends. Both spoke highly of the team. I am a real estate agent and viewed launching my own podcast to be similar to For Sale By Owners - they don't know what they don't know. I figured with over 1 million downloads by then that Turnkey knew what they were doing.

Immediate benefits I have received

The podcast came out of the gate strong and I and my team were able to minimize the learning curve. Ongoing strategy for success!

Lessons learned in the process that only TurnKey could have provided

The connections with the podcast community and potential guests are priceless. Also there is the connectivity and masterminding that occurs. Strick on production side and Doug on promotion side is a winning team!

They are the best!!! So grateful for them. They helped me see podcasting through new eyes.
— Jon Dwoskin, Host of THINK Business podcast


Lou Diamond

Host of
Thrive Loud Podcast

How I got started

Thrive LOUD = Patient Zero. I wanted to work with Podcast hosts and producers that knew how to make a great, authentic program and have fun while doing it. It’s been a collaborative effective process from the very start. And it’s been fun seeing the program grow and truly become “Turnkey.”

What made me choose TurnKey

When you work with the best you create the best. Responsive, knowledgeable and always client-service focused.

Immediate benefits I have received

Thrive LOUD became a top podcast show in a very short amount of time. I attribute much of that to Turnkey handling the production while I focused on delivering a great show.

Lessons learned in the process that only TurnKey could have provided

Having one of the #1 Business podcasts shows in the Nice Guys on Business Podcast, they know what it takes to achieve your specific purpose/goal with your show!!

Doug & Strick’s Nice Guys on Business is one of the
Best Business Podcasts for Startups
— DreamGrow.com