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Rising Above to Reach a Greater Purpose

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Show Notes by: Anna Nygren

Rising Above to Reach a Greater Purpose

Eve Davis-Paul is a Lesbian, Woman of Color, and Native of Washington D.C., whose passion for women’s freedom stems from the abuse she endured as a result of Maternal Narcissism. Marriage and motherhood have given Eve an urgency to sound the alarm and bring global awareness to Maternal Narcissistic Abuse, while providing hope and creating solutions for freedom. Defining moments and your purpose are what Saidx is all about. Eve, share your voice and your story starting right now.

When Eve noticed that her marriage and happiness was about to be destroyed, like the other successful things in her life had been, Eve understood that she had a greater purpose. Triumphing over the loss of both siblings, a life of lies, depression and self-shame no longer would let her continue to dismantle what she was constantly building. Understanding that she wasn’t the only woman who struggled with taking her life back gave Eve the strength to be a voice of freedom from Maternal Narcissism. This voice starts with vanquisHER.

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