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Impacting the World with Your Message

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Show Notes by: Anna Nygren

Impacting the World with Your Message

Emerald GreenForest is the Founder & Lead Visionary of Creative Age Consulting Group. An internationally known speaker, transformation artist, author, she works with multidimensional men who have already made their money and know NOW is the time to make their mark. She joyfully guides & supports the Men On Purpose™ who are called to be the Vanguard of the Creative Age. Defining moments and your purpose are what Saidx is all about. Emerald, share your voice and your story starting right now.

There have been multiple "defining moments" in Emerald's life when her purpose became clear - the one that she feels is most relevant to share would be the night her son locked her in the basement and threatened to cut her up in pieces and throw her in the river while he was high on homeopathic nasal spray. That was most certainly a moment where all of Emerald's spiritual initiations were put to the test. That was the moment where Emerald came to understand fully the power of "Surrender," stillness, and the value of staying centered and silent. That was also the moment it became clear to Emerald that her purpose — to replace fear with love — was to be fulfilled moving forward by working with men.

Connect with Emerald GreenForest:

Website: www.emeraldgreenforest.com

Email: concierge@emeraldgreenforest.com

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