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Expanding Your Horizons and Profits

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Show Notes by: Anna Nygren

Expanding Your Horizons and Profits

Anthony John Amyx is a free spirit, husband, entrepreneur and life and business growth strategist for entrepreneurs in the creative industries.  He is the founder of Raging Rebel, a personal and business development training company specializing in helping marketers, coaches, consultants and other experts add six-figures to their business, while taking at least six to eight weeks off.

Anthony was in Arizona with four other awesome entrepreneurs when their trainer, Jaramy Eugene Wilson, sat them down, looked them directly in the eyes and said,

"Gentlemen, the modern day currency is trust and respect. If people don’t trust or respect you, they will not pay you. And how in fuck can anyone on this planet trust and respect you, if you don’t trust and respect yourself first.”

Anthony will never forget that moment because it was one of the most pivotal moments of his life. He remembers looking down at his journal that day, writing that down and then thinking to himself, ”Holy shit, I don’t trust and respect myself and if I don’t learn how to do so, I’m going to struggle to build my business and make the money I want, forever.”

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Training with Anthony: https://ajamyx.clickfunnels.com/registration

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