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Breaking Through Stereotypes and Owning Your Journey  


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Breaking Through Stereotypes and Owning Your Journey  

Lea Bayles is a speaker, author, wellness and leadership coach, and host of the We Are More Radio Show podcast. Recovering from an immune system collapse led Lea on a journey of self-healing and into a career in holistic wellness.

Turning 50 was a wonderful surprise for Lea! For years, she had dreaded turning 50 because she bought into negative cultural stereotypes about aging. And, truth be told, the year Lea was 49 was full of heartbreak, pain, upheaval, and turmoil. But shortly afterwards, she began feeling a powerful bubbling up of creative vitality, freedom, and inner strength. Lea's own experiences and those of her clients and friends convinced Lea that in the second half of life, people are biologically wired, not for diminishment, but for expansion and increased impact and fulfillment. People are invited to expand more fully than ever before into who they really are.

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