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Finding Purpose in Life's Truths


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Finding Purpose in Life's Truths

Amy Lyle has turned rejection from a Hollywood attorney into comedy gold. As an author, she is a bestseller on Amazon. She's been featured on NPR, LA Talk Radio and is a frequent guest on the popular Atlanta morning show, Atlanta and Company. She specializes in talking about how you should embrace your failures and follow your passion at any age.

Two things happened around 2008; Amy got remarried to a man with three teenagers and she was laid off. Amy used the opportunity to pursue a passion, writing. She started writing plays for a giant non-profit. Then, Amy had the bug to write a screenplay, then a book. The book, a funny memoir, is about many failures that most people can relate to: struggles with relationships, finding work you love, and fitting in. When people, especially women, starting writing me about how they too often feel like a failure, trying to be a good wife, mother, employee, and friend, and how the book gave them a break from the real world and made them feel more normal, Amy knew she was on to something. They started sharing their own funny failures with her via social media, and Amy hopes it becomes a movement. Being able to laugh at yourself and being an encouragement to others makes life a little easier.

Connect with Amy Lyle:

Website: www.amylyle.me

Twitter: @amylyle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amylyle.me/

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Amy-Lyle/e/B071RTSV7F

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