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Choosing to Work with Life's Issues for the Better

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Choosing to Work with Life's Issues for the Better

Moneeka is the author of the best-selling award winning book Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment, and she is the creator of the Blissful Investor Formula. She believes that we have a right to live bliss in every area of our lives and to make the money to support that.

Money had been such a stressful issue in Moneeka's parents' life, she didn't want the same stress in her life. One night after Moneeka had graduated from college, her dad sat across from her at the kitchen table and said, "Moneeka, everyone has money issues. Do you want poor people money issues, or do you want rich people money issues?"

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Website w/ Free Download:http://wings.blissfulinvestorreport.com/welcome13506255





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