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Self-Transformation Through the Hard Times

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Show Notes by: Anna Nygren

Self-Transformation Through the Hard Times

Jolen Philbrook is known as the abundant mindset expert, who clears prosperity blocks and creates a wealthy consciousness with heart based entrepreneurs. True prosperity means greater freedom, increased confidence, harmonious relationships, peace of mind, and happiness.

In 2008, Jolen was going through breast cancer and a custody suit with no income. She would replay the court case — all the lies, get mad, yell into the dark night, tell him off and cry herself to sleep. One night, Jolen decided she didn't want to cry anymore. As she sat in the dark night, Jolen wondered if she didn't cry, what will she do instead? That was the turning point. The only thing Jolen had to live for was a dream. The dream she had before she had breast cancer and was in this mess. Jolen was standing on a stage telling an audience she survived breast cancer. She went and signed up at Toastmaster so Jolen could fulfill her purpose, even though at the time she didn't know what it was.

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