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The In-House Podcasts of Turnkey

We like to keep things real here at Turnkey Podcast Productions by walking the walk and talking the talk. Our love of podcasts has led to a handful of shows that our team couldn't help but get started. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them! 


Biz Wiz (1).png

Biz wiz 

The BizWiz Podcast fits the mold of a winning, top-ranked formulaic, structured podcast. In this classic structured interview format, guests are presented questions within their expertise. Action items, lessons learned, and practical business and/or life lessons are shared with the BizWiz community. This show has the most structure of all in this series and provides a very comfortable and predictable vibe.

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said x 

SaidX is a TED style format podcast that gives our interview guests the opportunity to share their story and their message. After the host of the show introduces the guests, they are provided 7-10 minutes to share the inspiration behind their purpose. The format allows for each guest to connect to the audience through story and share lessons learned as well as helpful action items.

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millennial to ceo

Our very own show producer, audio editor and fellow podcastologist, Danielle Taylor takes listeners on a deep dive into the inner workings of successful companies and individuals. She leaves you with a better understanding of the business world and ideas on how to level up your hustle.