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45 Arlene Gale: Writing Powerful and Profitable Books


45 Arlene Gale: Writing Powerful and Profitable Books

Arlene Gale is THE Book Writing Business Coach who has helped write hundreds of book that have earned her clients millions of dollars in new business. She uniquely combines business marketing and writing expertise to help professionals write powerful and profitable books. Arlene has a passion and proven track record for helping her clients duplicate successful, profitable results.

Questions You'll Hear Today:   

  1. What's the value or benefit in writing and publishing a book with a professional or personal story?

  2. Can writing a book possibly hurt a business or professional reputation?  

  3. What are some of the mistakes people make when writing a book?  

  4. Many people say they want to write a book, but don't do it. How can you help them get started or get unstuck if they started and then stopped?  

  5. Are there different kinds of books used for different business goals?  

  6. Can you really make money selling a book?

Connect with Arlene Gale:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/arlene_gale

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BookWritingBusiness/  

Website:  BookWritingBusiness.com  

Email:  Arlene@BookWritingBusiness.com  

Book: Book Business Blueprint: Build Credibility, Stand Out From the Competition, and Skyrocket Sales By Writing Your Boo

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/arlenegale  


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