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Your Financial Future

Michael Steinhardt

The financial landscape can be confusing. Today we are talking to an expert that will help set you down the right path.

There are a number pieces that make up the puzzle of your  financial future, many of them complex pieces with an infinite number of potential solutions. Our guest today, Michael Steinhardt, president of Clear Path Advisory, understands the complexity of this landscape and is here to help answer some of the most common questions pertaining to Insurance, Investing and Retirement.

For more than 30 years Michael has been helping his clients meet their needs, answering questions, building relationships and providing advice. Michael hold a bachelor’s degree in finance from American University and has earned  designations of  Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Life Underwriter and Accredited Investment Fiduciary. He's here to discuss, Your Financial Future.


Michael Steinhardt


Clear Path Advisory, Inc.

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Pikesville, MD  21208

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It’s Time To Think About Retirement Planning.

With retirement planning – let’s discuss some of the key points that can help our listeners, so where does one start?

What amount or percent should people be putting towards retirement plans?

Give our listeners a tip …, something that you share with your clients that would benefit them?

For those listeners that work for an employers that offer a plan but, doesn’t offer a 401k match, should our they put their own money away?

How much research should investors do?

Where Should I Be Investing, And what should i know?

When it comes to investing monies, it seems the choices and options are plentiful yet very complicated.

There is so much information out there, how can our listeners gain from your insight?  

What can you tell them about investing direction?

If you could go back to the start of your working career, what would you do different with your situation?

Tell our listeners something about the market – the history of the market but before you do that, tell us what exactly is the market?

What are the questions we should be asking and what questions are we asking that maybe we shouldn’t?

What Insurance is Right for Me?

The world of insurances can be very confusing, let’s try to break it down.  For today’s purposes, we are going to focus on life, disability and long term care insurance.

Starting with life insurance, what are the questions to ask, how do you engage with clients here Michael?

Where you are, at what stage in life, really determines and dictates the answers, so I think the questions to ask are:

  • How much should one acquire?
  • What type?
  • From whom – person and company?

Why should someone buy disability insurance – people don’t readily see themselves becoming disabled, so where does this fit in?

It seems like long term care insurance is becoming more popular, when does one consider acquiring this protection and what should a listener be aware of?

With all of these, I suspect there are options consumers can go direct, so share with our listeners, what is your take regarding using someone versus going direct when one can?


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