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How to Pick Your Financial Advisor


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How to Pick Your Financial Advisor

Richard Brooks has worked in the financial services industry where he was the lead manager of $325 million in assets. He is the founder of RNB WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP, an independent investment advisory firm. Brooks is also the best-selling author of "Counter Investing A Winning Approach to Life and Finance," an inspiring book that reveals Brooks numerous catastrophic life-threatening injuries and yet was able to take the life lessons learned to become one of the nation's leading investors.  

Brooks' tenacity to push forward and never give up mirror his work ethic to never give up and provide the best service for his clients. His investing success and survival against most odds interweave to reveal an inspiring new path to becoming the investor you ought to be. Welcome Richard to the BizWiz Podcast 

Questions You'll Hear Today:  

1) How do financial advisors make money?

2) Is it better to invest your money in stocks or in an annuity? 

3) Should you put your money in one stock or should you spread it around?

4) What are six qualities investors should look for when picking a financial advisor?

5) How do you optimize your portfolio for tax purposes?

6) What is the difference between low cost funds and actively managed funds?

7) What is the definition of counter investing and why it’s unique? 

8) How can financial advisors keep cost control down?

Connect with Richard Brooks: 

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/RNBWealth 

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/RNBWealth/

Website:   https://www.rnbwealth.com/ 

Email:   rbrooks@rnbwealth.com

BookCounter Investing: A Winning Approach to Life and Finance



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