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Business Consulting

David Duryee is the Managing Director of Horizon Management Services LLC. He has done business consulting and financial training for over 35 years. He's a nationally-known lecturer who speaks to business owners, bankers and professionals, and sits on the board of several corporations.  

David Duryee is also the author/co-author of five finance books including his latest best-seller "60 Minute CFO: Bridging the Gap Between Owner, Banker and CPA." This is the only business book that teaches business owners how to communicate and ask the right questions when dealing with bankers, bookkeepers and CPA's in clear and easy to understand terminology. The book also comes with free downloadable software that helps business owners analyze and forecast financial statements and cash flow. 

Questions You'll Hear Today:  

1. Why it’s important to prepare an annual business plan? 

2. What is cash flow? 

3. When is high growth in revenue and profit bad?

4. What are the six rules when dealing with the bank?

5. What are the five rules when dealing with a CPA?  

6. How do you talk to your banker?

7. How do you talk with your bookkeeper / CPA?  

Connect with David Duryee: 

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/dduryee789

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/David.Duryee60MinuteCFO/

Website:   https://www.60minutecfo.com/ 

Email:   dduryee@charter.net 

Book: 60 Minute CFO: Bridging the Gap Between Business Owner, Banker and CPA

LinkedIn:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-duryee-b0845016/ 


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