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Bringing a Youthful Twist to Business Entertainment


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Show Notes by: Christopher Morales

Bringing a Youthful Twist to Business Entertainment

Paul Dixon worked 16 years for Target Stores in Merchandising, including 8 years as a Toy Buyer. He also worked as a Disney until 2016. In 2004, Paul began a publishing business venture, publishing children’s book with author Lehman Riley. They have published seven historical fiction books featuring Paul’s grandpa Papa Lemon.

Paul has worked in the Toy or Children's Book business since 1994. That undoubtedly makes Paul an expert in the children's entertainment business! Paul’s Target Toy Buying & Disney Toy salesperson jobs or starting a children's book business were never specific goals of his. They all just happened, as if this was part of his "destiny" in life.

Questions you'll hear on the podcast today

  1. What has the Toy business taught you?
  2. How was the transition from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur?
  3. What is difficult about being an entrepreneur?
  4. What is the greatest business risk you have ever taken?
  5. What keeps you motivated to focus on your book business since you have been doing this since 2004?

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Doug- @DJDoug
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